Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Perfect Answer!

As most of you know I'm up late, get up with the kids early, then I go back to bed. We were having a bit of freezing rain along with messy traffic, it was a particularly nice morning to be able to sleep in.

Collin had a bit of an extra wait at the bus stop, and as soon as I see those flashing yellow bus lights, I head back to bed. I had just settled in with Lego and Montana jockeying for their prime "I'm closer to my master" positions, and the phone rings, it's Ian, he has a flat tire. It seems his winshield was frozen over and he didn't see a curb, however the rim of the tire knew exactly where it was.

So I hop out of bed, and get dressed, not very well since I've just noticed my shirt is on backwards, and drive to meet him, so I can call AAA with directions. I had to stop twice to get the ice off the window. I see his car, and I see some tread and the hub cap by the side of the road, a driver was nice enough to go get it for him. I call AAA and we settle in for our hour wait. Which I thought was pretty fast considering the weather, but to Ian in a car with his mother and nowhere to go and he knooooows I'm gonna make him talk, prolly seemed like an eternity!

I ask him about school, we talk a little about Purdue, I have him walk me through what he does at work, then we just kinda just sit there. 45 minutes later the AAA man comes along, so I go and pop open the trunk, and the trunk is filled with toilet paper. There must of been 20 rolls of it! So my first thought was...why is he storing toilet paper for work? It's takes a little longer for the Mommie light bulb to go on whens its too early and too cold.

So Ian and I go wait in the van while the man puts the spare on, and I look at him and say, "My baby T P's?" To which he said, "Would you rather I drank?"

The perfect answer!

Although the punishment in this house for waking your mother up is that she post a nasty picture of you on her blog!

Drive safe!


Chirre said...

Hey woman! Seen you around my blog! lol

Man, that sounds like some nasty ice you got there!! Drawn by Marcie's beach pictures I went to the beach today, and what can I say.. no snow, no ice... it seems to be getting a bit cooler out there, but.. *sigh* I do wonder if we're ever gonna get any snow here in Finland!?

Have a good one! :)

Merrymags said...


Aside from having to brave the ice and cold, to find out your darling little one TP's on the side must have been a devastating blow! I swear to God, if one of my turds ever turns to that as a means of entertainment, I'll do great bodily harm..... toilet paper is expensive stuff. True, at least yours isn't drinking (what a smart@$$! : D


Maria said...

Hahahaha! I think Dylan and Ian must have similar senses of humor. *G*


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