Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Tread on Me!

I've had a couple emails lately about buying a treadmill. Since I've been having trouble of thiking of what to put on here, I will just put my treadmill advice. :-)

We have an .......Image , it also goes by the name of Proform. The old one was a Weslo very low end and I had it fourteen years. Image, Proform, Nordic Track,Weslo and some others are all made by the same company. Its sort of like VCR's only two companies make them. I found the site w/all of the brands I would look for here

We've had the Image for four years and our motor is starting to go, it doesnt go below incline level 2 w/o making a grinding noise. So it can only stay at one incline above 2 because something is off and they said the only way to fix it is to replace the motor which is 165 I think. I think we paid 300 for it, we got it at Walmart. To be honest I think Brian walking with the programed walks where the incline is constantly moving up and down is harder on the motor. I dont use those. Although Cheryl has a Proform (higher price point) and she uses the incline and she hasnt had any trouble with hers. I wouldnt hesitate to buy the brand again, I would just look for one with at least a five year warranty on the motor.

The things you want to look for are...
-power incline, so you dont have to do it yourself
-wider belt ours is 17 and its fine, if you look at the really cheap ones the belts are narrower.
-Calories burned digital counter
The heart monitor things on these things have to be wrong, I would be dead if they were right.

Ive heard very bad things about Vitamaster.

I think its better if you go a lower end treadmill 300-600 and then buy a tv and dvd for it, and join Netflix. :-) I tell you Ive been watching series on there I havent seen on TV and the time goes so fast, and I actually want to get on there every day. Ive been going 5-6 times a week! I just started the third season of Greys Anatomy. Denny has left the building. I've watched Rome, The Starter Wife, The Tudors, Extras, the British Office, and one other I forgot. Next is Deadwood.

Go to and look at their site to compare them, its set up nice. I just found this Golds gym one on there, thats pretty cheap and great reviews. If we went out tomorrow, Id get this one. *grin*

Oh, the other thing I just picked up over the winter at Kohls on clearance for 20 bucks are wireless headphones that I hook up to the it doesnt have to be really loud in the house and I hear everything. They are just wonderful!

'nuf info for you? :-)

So my suggestions.........treadmill, tv, dvd player, wireless headphones and rent HBO's Rome first! Nudie good lookin' romans, great costumes, one dude with a very large'll see.....and some can't beat that!

I look just like this on the treadmill!

I know, I'm a bitch!


Marcie said...

I don't need a new treadmill yet. Guess I haven't put enough miles on my old one for it to act up. Hahahaha! I'm glad to read about the wireless headphones though. I can't turn the tv up loud enough to hear it across the room when I'm on the treadmill so the headphones will do the trick. Gotta go shopping soon!

And I love the video. Made me grin.

Colleen LeHoser said...

I hate treadmills... but would love to get an elliptical! Since coming home from the cruise at the end of January, I've lost 17+ lbs... only another 30 to go - sad isn't it? I'm so mad at myself fo letting myself go during those two years at the desk job!


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