Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The difference between boys and girls...'s not below the belt which you might think, it all in the hands! Last weekend it was just beautiful here, sunny skies and almost 70 degrees, the first nice weekend since last year. On Saturday Brian and I cleaned windows, not just glass.......the sills, which we should of done in the fall.
Because of these guys!

(some other poor souls garage that has box elders too!)

These are bizarro world lightening bugs, the red and black is opposite, and they don't light up. What they like to do is every September on warm sunny days attach themselves to your house preferably the south side of your house, and crawl between the screens and the windows. Since we have cheap @ss windows in this house, we literally get hundreds of them in some of the sills, we don't keep the windows open in the fall here.

"Why don't you have an exterminator come?" We did, two years ago, they can't guarantee it for the next year and it was $350! So we decided the following summer to bug bomb the attic and maybe get them while they were hibernating. Which cut them down a bit but we still got them. I read somewhere to spray the house with diluting dishwashing soap, this for some reason kills them. So we do that a couple of times while we have them, we still have them...just less of them.

Oh so what does box elder bugs have to do with the difference between girls and boys? Because when it comes time to clean the windows in the spring and you literally have hundred of dead box elder bugs that have been sitting there all winter long and are a black icky mushy mess of bug parts sticking to parts of the window and are stuck under other parts of the window sill...

Girls use gloves!
Boys don't!

Girls also gag, get the willies, and let out li'l screams for the first few windows too!

We learned our lesson, do it at first frost when you are suppose too and don't leave over winter!




Aislinn said...

Loved your Katherine video. I even knew 97% of the actors. LOL


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