Monday, April 21, 2008

Got Spring?

We can always tell it's Spring when we get these two mallards in the yard. I dont know where their babies are but for the past three years they show up in our bushes for about a week. One likes to sun on the neighbors roof. :-)

Here they are this year!

Brian's birthday is tomorrow, he will be 46! We keep seeing the commercial for "Just for Men - Touch of Grey" and it's looking a little tempting, to me at least since Brian now has a shitload of grey!

We did survive the earthquake! It was 140 miles to the west of us. Brian showered through it, Collin and I slept through it, but it did wake Ian up. Brian did feel one of the 4.5 aftershocks at work, and we had another 4.5 one last night that we all slept through. It's amazing how far away people could feel this, but unlike California with it's faults all over the place, since they are few and far between the effects of this one were felt hundreds of miles away.

You can imagine it's all people were talking about for awhile.

Still doing Weight Watchers, I hit my one month mark today and have lost a total of 10 pounds. This is very doable!

Brian and I are starting a wee project in the downstairs half-bath. Soon as we get some mulch down we will start in there.

I sincerely hope Spring has Sprung in your neck of the woods!



Chirre said...

Oh yes, it's very much spring over here, too! :)

My Christmas Rose is blooming in my backyard (that you never came to help out with... hmmmmph! LOL), the Grape Hyacinths (never heard that name before... had to look it up... we call them pearl hyacinths in Swedish and pearl lilies in Finnish... verra importaint knowledge, I know) have buds... some leafs are about to open and the birds are crazy! :) Yuppers, I'd say it's spring!

Hey, that grey sounds great! :-D

M&M's Blog said...

I don't know what a Christmas Rose is. *g* I'm not gonna be much help to you gardening you know! LOL



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