Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Bad!

Man, I have been bad at updating, been a bit busy.

There have been some new products added to the jewelry line...

A little how this works. Some items of Diana Gabaldon's are taken directly from a description in the book, like the ring or Brianna's Bracelet. The Running Stag brooch is a take on a piece of cover art from "Fiery Cross", another variation of the brooch from a book description will come later.

Here's some "before" pics

I work with a great guy named Bob at DeSignet and he makes all the final grahics you see.

As far as the Running Stag he made about three different versions and I picked what I liked from each and he combined it all, and.......

and the cute little "Da Mi Basia Mille" pendant, I drew a rough sketch of what I wanted and he decifers *g* that and makes a final design.

The Celtic Dragonfly, I sent him pictures of features I liked on others I've seen and he made it into what you see.

With the new items, I had to redo the whole Gabaldon page on The Author's Attic site...

I also made a You Tube of the Outlandish jewelry, to post on things like Facebook, and .... You Tube. :-) The music is from Emma Beaton, I made her website, and the pictures are from Marcie, who I met up with (along with Chirre) in Scotland a couple of years ago. These things are just so much fun to make!

I'm very happy to say, that the DeSignet was very happy with the sales so far, and we will hopefully have even more new stuff soon! This is so much fun. I basically work with two people, Bob a designer, and Marie who does everything!

So if it seems like I'm on the puter a lot.... I am! :-) But did read a book... "The Many Lives and Sorrows of Josephine B" It was pretty good, it's a historical fiction of Neopoleon's wife Josephine. It ends right when she marries Neopoleon. I have always basically read historical fiction related to England, and this was my first one with French history. The French are always the bad guys when I'm reading. I did find it interesting, I thought the French women could at least have an opinion.

Saw couple of movies...

"Slumdog Millionaire" Very good!

"The Reader" Very very good!

If I had to pick one for the Oscar, I would of went with "The Reader". Also saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic", it was cute. Oh, and I had a colonoscopy, which could of been a comedy in itself.

That's all she wrote!



Marg said...

Love the jewellery! And really loved The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. The whole trilogy is excellent.


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