Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where the búfalo roam...

Forgive the site, I was checking out new templates and found this one, but it seems some of it is in Spanish and I'm too tired to change it!

I really should make my own template, but I'm too lazy to make one. I do sort of want one with lab puppies on it though. :-)

Anyway...... about the buffalo...

Driving on Route 37 the other day, I thought I saw some buffalo grazing. On the way home I turned down the street I thought they might be at and here they are!

There was only one male.....he was HUGE. He's on the left side of the picture. Lot's of babies all different sizes. Click on the picture, it's a pretty good size, buffalo size a matter of fact.

There is something very cool about seeing buffalo a few miles from your house, and right outside a large city. Even though they are probably a buffalo meat farm. Sort of like the Elk farm a few miles up from this place. The elk all grazing with a big sign a few feet away "ELK MEAT". I have a hard time looking at them now, I just see little bulls eyes on their furry heads.

I should really spell check and proof read before I post this, but I'm too tired and lazy to do it!

Have a great Labor Day!


****I just have to note that I have changed this blog template about three times since this post, but I think with the brown and green I found a keeper!


Holly said...

I always think it's cool to see buffalo too. I also like to eat them. I don't like to do both at the same time or even let both thoughts enter my head on the same day... just sayin'


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