Sunday, March 18, 2012

NAET- My first appointment

So many have been asking about my NAET treatments that I can't tell you how many times I've told the story, just last week to a friend at lunch and she said I should blog about it......

I haven't blogged for a while, so I started up just for you Gina! :)

Christmas '11

While visiting with friends, Craig.... who has suffered from allergies and migraines for a long long time, told me about some treatments he had completed in the fall..... called NAET. He learned of this from someone in the family...and was at his wits end, he decided to try.

So the previous summer Craig couldn't even look down if his lawn after it was mowed because he would get a headache, that's how severe his allergies were. So he told he me basically what he did, and how at the end of the treatments he didn't need any of his meds anymore. Craig also said it involved a detox, acupuncture and was a bit like voodoo! :) His worse triggers were almonds, walnuts and coffee, on the way home from his last treatment.... he stopped at Starbucks, and at the grocer to get almonds and walnuts...... went home...... ate them all...... no headache!

I came home and googled, found a Dr. that practiced this near me and made an appointment for that week!

My First Appointment-
I go to a Chiropractor that has studied this NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) program. It's basically a holistic approach to getting rid of your allergies among other things.

Dr. does a physical, you just have to remove your shoes and a your belt. I stood in front of a mirror and shut my eyes and walked in place. I did some things with my arms.

Next part was all horizontal, and she rubbed the top of my head, rubbed the arches of my feet, then the top of my head again, then my feet. Yeah.... I know! She poked all sorts of places on me, deep pokes! From head to toe. Ran her hands along my calves. Im sure some other things I can't remember.

Then we sat down to talk.......and she asked.... if I had trouble with my left knee. I couldn't believe she picked this out because I hadn't told anyone except Brian two nights before! Sometimes I just get a pain there, and it goes away pretty quick, and I hadn't even told my reg. Dr. about it, because it was no biggie.

She also thought I had a yeast infection and a parasite. Which I later did test on, and yeast yes, and parasite (thank God) no.

So I was pretty well floored right there that she picked those things out! I was aware of them, but never said anything to my regular Dr. about.

Then I was told I needed to do a detox. Two weeks of no gluten and sugar and lots of supplements. It was HORRIBLE! I've always thought I was addicted to sugar...... it seems it's gluten I cannot live without! I took all my regular prescriptions plus the supplements, I was taking about 30 pills a day!

I lost 6 pounds in two weeks and then went back to the Dr. She thought I needed another two weeks off sugar. Which I did, and survived....... but was very very cranky!

So I was good to continue on...

the next appointment, I did the NAET allergy testing.



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