Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So after the detox comes the testing of allergies...
For this you just sit, and she pressed an index finger upon my forehead and pressed about three places in my upper chest. Switched the side of the index finger on my forehead and pressed my upper chest again......and then told me my ying and yang were out of balance. This is what most people think of when they think ying/yang.
The she did the index finger thing again, but also made a movement like make circles over my tummy. Going forward and backwards. :)
She had 15 vials of different allergens, I didnt know what vial contained what. I'm still sitting and she puts a vial in my left palm. I hold my right arm straight out with my thumb facing down. She says to try to resist her when she tries to press down on my arm.
So she does quite a few vials and my arms fine, I can hold it straight out. She asks me if its tired or if I need to switch arms, and I say ... no I'm fine. So more vials, and one...... I can't keep my arm straight when she pushes down on it, no matter how much I resist. She sets that vial aside.
She does another vial, and its fine......... I can resist.
Another one..... and my arm just flops, all she does is tap, and it's down. It's crazy!
She does the rest of the vials and one more comes up that I can't keep my arm straight. She tells me the good news...... I'm not allergic to sugar! She said..... actually I think your arm was the strongest there. :)
She retest the three vials, and this time told me what they were after....
Vitamin K
I said..... was calcium the one my arm was really weak at? She said..... yes why? I said, because I have a really hard time with phlegm after I drink milk or eat dairy products.
Next time I go back ..... we do the individual treatments.



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