Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Treatments

Now.....before you read this, remember I was expecting acupuncture, that's all I remember being told about.

So the first allergen she was going to treat was the eggs. I go into the office, take my watch off or if I was wearing big hoop earrings, which I'm rather fond of, and sit and see if my ying/yang is okay...... if it is..... I go horizontal, front side down.

I hold the egg vial in my fingertips against my forehead, what I take some deep breaths and she sort of pounds the shit out of my back from neck to tailbone. I do that three times.

Then I sort of have to pant, while she pounds another way on my back.

Then I flip over onto my back.......and now Im expecting needles. Instead she brings out this little ummmmmmmm massager type thingie. Nothing real big you could into any trouble with it. :) And she holds this for 30 seconds on some pressure points, hand, elbow, ankle and feet...... she goes clockwise, and does this twice around me.

Then I have to just rest there a bit.

She comes back, and tells me to stay away from eggs for 25 hours! Can't be 10 feet from an egg, anything made with eggs...... and that is very hard to do! Oh and also not by any down, or chicken either. You cant grocery shop, you can't eat out. But it's only 25 hours.

So I leave, and I immediately have a headache and I'm queasy.

I was pretty much queasy for a day, at the end of the 25 hours, you can be by eggs, you can eat eggs...... whatever.

That was on a Wed. and I go back for another treatment on Friday. But first she test me to see if I passed the egg test. The egg vials in my left hand, and once again I hold my right arm straight out and she tries to knock it down. I can resist, and it stays right up!

Friday she did Calcium (I stayed away from any milk products for a day), which didn't give me a headache but really really made queasy for days, and the following Monday I went back in, and she put the Calcium vial in my left hand, and I held out my right arm and I could keep it up. I knew this was the worst one before, all she had to do was tap my arm and it fell.

On to Vitamin K (I stayed away from certain fruits and veggies and other things I can't remember).

When I got up after the Vitamin K treatment, I said to her...... this is the goofiest thing I have ever seen or done! She said, she felt the same when she first did it also. :)

Now, by this time...... I have noticed my cough has gotten way better, I use to have a terrible time in the mornings, every morning! I was also getting out of breath walking up our stairs, due to my asthma..... and that went away also.

So all in all, it did work.........although I'm not off my meds, but I was able to stop taking Mucinex during the day and Benedryl at night before bed. I'm still on Allegra D and Flonase, Singulair, and Advair. I do think I can go to the lower dose of Advair though.

I don't know why I didnt have acupuncture and Craig did....... I now know Craigs treatments lasted longer and were more specific, I guess it depends on the Dr.

Now I paid close to 300 dollars for what I had done, it's not covered on insurance. Was it worth it?

I have to say ...... yes. I'm breathing a lot better, my cough is so much better I can't tell you. I don't crave sugar as much as I did before either.

And that is pretty much it!


Anonymous said...

You are so right, that does sound "goofy", but if it works it is worth it.

Does she have mosquitoes in a vial?


Anonymous said...

This sounds exactly how my doc does it except I just hold the vial in my hand at my side or wherever I put my arm. I was treated for environmental ones in 2001 and they stuck. Also, sulfur was a biggie. 2 sips of wine would stuff me up. After treatments nothing w/sulfur bothered. Just got treated for lots of food issues last fall. It sounds like voodoo but it WORKS!


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