Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Horse Hair Bracelet Lady was Right!

That would be Angela! :-) She told me I needed "The Furminator" and asked if I had one, I didn't know what the heck she was talking about, she explained it was the best shedding tool ever! So, I said a have a shedding blade that works pretty good, and she said it wasn't good enough!

So a couple of days later in the mail was "The Furminator". I made and help Angela with her websites and she spoils me. *G*

So anxious to use it, I get Lego outside.....and I have to say it works much better than a shedding rake. I got a ton of hair off her, and lots less the next day. And her coat is really really soft. She's always had a nice shiney coat, but its nicer!

But I wanted to see how it worked on a long hair dog. So Lisa, the next door movie going neighbor lady, has a Brittney Spaniel Maggie and I sent it home with her yesterday.

Maggie before

She said it worked great and she is off to buy "The Fuminator"!

Maggie after

(Okay thats not Maggie, that's one of those Mexican hairless dogs, I don't have an after picture. No worries, Maggie still has hair.)

I didn't want to recommend it till I knew it worked on longer haired dogs! It does! It's great! It does seem to cut down on the hair!

Speaking of Maggie, she is about to get a little sister. This weekend Maggie and family are going to check out some puppies. They are five weeks old!

Okay, I did ask if could go with! I'm officially a Puppy Whore!



Marcie said...

Hahahaha! Puppy whore! You make me LOL woman! Love your blog and does the thing work on cats?


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