Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just in case you are wondering....

...which side I am on this video explains it. :-)

It's a bit bland but it will answer your questions. It's the first time I've seen anyone in this campaign discuss womens issues in such depth. It's long, it's a half hour but it discusses health care, flex time, equal pay for women, securing pensions for everyone in detail.

Also taxes for seniors, no taxes for seniors making under $50,000. One of the reasons I wanted to post this is it explains about Social Security and privatizing it. I am so against this for the simple reason that people cannot manage a credit card, how the heck they going to manage the funds for their future, especially with the market the way it has been the last couple of days. Not only would the gov't have to bail out companies they would have to bail individuals that can't handle money.

If you knew my mom and her security saved her. That is all the income she had, if it had been privatized all those years ago, she would of had nothing. Because she worked as a waitress and every quarter she earned was used to provide for her children. She didn't have a savings account till she left my father at age 42. When she died at age 71 she had 2000 in her account, and around a $700 monthly social security check, thats it, and she was thankful for it. Thank God my dad died early otherwise her monthly SS check would of been hundreds a month lower. You see it's based on your income, as a waitress my mom made $1.25 an hour.

Even me, the news junkie learned two things new: McCain wants to tax your health care, meaning the services you receive, in my case since I had outpatient surgery, it was easily over $12,000 last year with surgery, meds and Dr.s visits, and this is nothing compared to some I know. So don't get cancer or have major surgery because that would easily add $100,000 for you to be taxed on. I also didn't realize that McCain wants to get rid of companies buying group insurance for their employees and that employees would get a tax credit and pay for their own. I know people who pay for their own health care, it's expensive and it sucks, and there isn't a tax credit in the world that would cover it! Universal health care scares a lot of people, but what people don't realize is that your employer will still be providing your health care if you are that lucky now. It's for the waitresses, the part-timers, children, the small businesses that can't afford health care for their employees. Private insurance will still be there.

One of the things that piss me off about elections, is that people vote for the candidate with the personality they like and not the issues, at least 30% of the population votes this way. You're picking a president people, not a friend. I have quite a few friends, a lot than I can relate to, do I want them as f'in way! Sorry guys there isn't one of you I want to be president, or myself for that matter. Gives me the heebies just thinkin' about it.

I'm an issues person, and I also vote for who will make a better world for my children and my future grand children.(Oh man, I'm getting old!) You know were doing okay, and my life is most likely half over, I'm using my vote for my children.

Here's a site to see where you stand with what candidate on the issues... I hope it sides with the candidate you have chosen, otherwise you have a lot of work to do.

I'm fully aware I can't change anyone's mind on which way you will vote. But I want people to vote knowing what issues they aren't voting for as well as for, and take responsibility for that vote.

All I really want to say is educate yourself! I know you all don't like watching news all day, but there are things you should do because you have the privilege in this country to vote, and that is to educate yourself on the issues and candidates. Don't pick a candidate on little tidbits or sound bites of campaign crap. If you see something hokey, go to or and that will clear things up for ya.

So next time you are on the net, go to a news site that brings together articles from all media, print and video, and in a non-partisan way. I like for that. Just don't watch one biased cable news station, flip the channel. I cannot stress enough to watch the debates and see who knows their stuff, don't vote because the person running is someone you want to have a beer with. That's how the last president was elected, and proof is in the pudding...or ale for that matter.

I once again turned the comments off for this post, because I know if you are committed to your candidate I can't change your mind, just like you can't change mine. :-) Just asking you to make an educated vote!

Phew, I had to get that all off my chest!

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