Friday, September 12, 2008

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken!

Yep, you read it right, "Hand over the chocolate and nobody will get hurt."

I was thumbing through a magazine and saw a little ad for Wall Words in the back, went online and browsed. I've been looking for something to put on this blank spot on my soffet (sp?) for a while. Yes, Gretchen there is a blank spot on one of my walls. :-)

If you watch Devine Design on HGTV, she uses these decals quite a bit. Take a look at the website they have some really cool & fun ideas! Every phrase imaginable, or you can make your own.

As far as price, with an online coupon and shipping this phrase was about 30 dollars.

It was pretty easy to put on the wall, and looks just great, clean and neat. Hardest part of the whole process is centering it.

That's all she wrote...or decaled.



CindyS said...

Love it! Looks great! Gives me an idea for an all too obvious blank spot in my kitchen and living room too now that I think about it. Thanks

Holly said...

Looks great! and so true.

Marcie said...

Love it M! And they had a quote that says, Save the earth, it's the only place with wine and chocolate. Loved seeing the site and your quote is just perfect for it's spot.

Chirre said...

Oooooh, need to get me one of those.. but me thinks mine should say give the dangerous bitch her chocolate! ;))))


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