Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How do you say "sucks" in German?

Let's say it was used in the sentence "The Indianapolis German Ocktoberfest sucks." or "Never have I seen another festival that sucks as much as the Indianapolis German Ocktoberfest.", or maybe in question form,"Truly is there an Ocktoberfest in all of America that sucks as much as the Indianapolis German Ocktoberfest?"

Ian was home for Labor Day weekend, in which he took some time both Saturday and Sunday for some labor of his own, he worked. We think he came home to visit with the dogs though, it was ruff on us.

So Sunday we decided to go to the Indy Ocktoberfest for dinner, it was held at the State Fair grounds, so we thought it might be pretty good. We have since decided that everything we attend at the State Fair grounds usually sucks.

So 6 bucks a head to get in, and we had four bratwurst and two Pepsi's for a total of $26.00, add that to the $24.00 to entry fee, and we were there a whopping 30 minutes, spent $50.00. Yes we saw all of the Indianapolis Ocktoberfest is 20 minutes, it took us ten minutes to eat.

We thought there would be a German music stage. There was but the lady was singing a Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin song, I can't remember which.

(Brian hanging out with Dean & Frank)

Then there was another music stage and that band was singing an Elvis song.

(Okay, Elvis is lederhosen is just wrong!)

For the life of Brian and I, we can't understand why people diss Disney food all the time for being too expensive. Brian usually says, "They have never eaten at an airport.", but I'm guessing his new reply will be "They have never eaten at the Indianapolis Ocktoberfest."

So we get into the little shuttle to take us to our car, and I say to the boys, "How do you say 'sucks' in German?" It seems in Ian's five years of German and Collin's one year "sucks" was never used or taught. I guess that's a good thing.

Okay so let's go to an online translator and put in the sentence:

"The Indianapolis German Ocktoberfest sucks!"

Appearantly there isn't a word for "sucks" in German, since this is the translation that popped up.

"Die Indianapolis Deutsch Ocktoberfest sucks!"

Okay, or we can translate that to:

"Die Indianapolis German Octoberfest, it sucks!"

So we stop at Dairy Queen on the way home, for the incredible value of $11.13 we enjoy three medium Blizzards and one chocolate covered waffle bowl turtle sundae! All is right with the world.

Auf Wiedersehen!



Chirre said...

Gotta tell ya woman, never heard of an Oktoberfest that wasn't in October, either! :DDD

M and M's Blog said...

Hahahaha! They had some German baked goods there, from a bakery called...drum roll please...
Chez Jean Bakery!

We knew we were in trouble when Brian saw that! :-)

Holly said...

you should have caught on when it was SEPTEMBER! You need to come to Wisconsin where we do Oktoberfest up right! We have an awesome one here in town and there is no need for translation. Plus, parking and entry are FREE! We may be cheese heads, but we know how to throw a party!

Marcie said...

Yeah for Dairy Queen! It's long been Mike's secret ambition to open a Dairy Queen.....I said NO honey, _I_ am your Dairy Queen, as I was raised on a dairy farm and am verra regal. OK don't bust a stitch laughing now. Hahahaha!

Plus, I want to GO to a Dairy Queen, not WORK at one. *G*

Sorry I have been missing so many of your updates.

Your tribute to Ian going to college made me cry too.

Gawd, I miss my boy.

Let's just have a good Momma-cry and get it over with for today ok.



Courtney said...

i know this is wayyyyy old, but i thought i could enlighten you...) i live in Germany, and Oktoberfest starts at the end of September usually, since its such a HUGE deal here, it lasts more than a few days ;)

like this year in Munich, it starts Sept. 18th and goes until Oct. 4th

hope that helped! :D



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