Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Change for a five?

Friday, picked up Ian for fall break, and he was home till Tuesday. You can tell he is in school and getting a ton of homework, he made use of his time at home. Lot's of visits to the pantry and went to the show twice, was out every night. Nice to see Collin and Ian together again. Yes, I did his laundry.

Sunday was the Hospice Walk in South Bend with Fr. Bill. He is 84 years old, and we walked maybe a little under a mile. He is slowing down a bit, but just a couple of months ago took a trip out west to see Bryce and the Grand Canyon. Even walked about a half mile down Bryce, and said it was a bit tough. Which means the people that he was with were hoping he wasn't going to keel over on them. In his words....I'm not much for old cathedrals, all that history, nature is where God's presence is. To which I always reply...I'll take the old cathedral. I had to brush two eight legged things off me, I was natured out. It's a bit like the movie Ground Hog's Day sometimes with stories, but always worth the trip.

Went to visit my Granger neighbor Patty, and her new yellow lab puppy Ellie. It's a bit sad to go now and see all these houses where your friends all lived, and most have moved on, and think of all the laughs you use to have. Even sadder to see the house you put so much into taken over by rednecks with wishing wells!

My jewelry site is up and running as of yesterday! I have been just crazy lately with finishing the site up, reading and re-reading for typos, trying to remember which is reverse and regular etch, and getting the photos together, checking every link to make sure it goes to the right place. Making a silver bracelet copper, because the copper sample isn't done yet. Sending out about 900 emails from my Claire's Ring inquiries, I'm at about 300. OMG I'm working! :) I did make a couple husbands day, since I just helped them figure out what to get for their wives for Christmas.

Here it is in all it's glory...

The Author's Attic

Yesterday Ian forgot we had a puppy in the house and left a five dollar bill and two quarters on the stairs. I found a chewed up, well part of a chewed up five dollar bill, and only one quarter. So in that irritating mom yell, called for Ian to help me find the other quarter, hoping it wasn't in Lola's stomach! Envisioning large vet bills or a dead puppy from blockage, we looked everywhere. Finally I found it on the door mat next to the doggie door. Phew!

Next week Surrey!


Holly said...

I'm curious, did he pick up his pop cans and wrappers now that he's seen the mess his roomate leaves? Glad you had some time home with him.

That is awesome about your site. You are so talented.

Rednecks eh? I'll have to tell mom, she'll get a good laugh about the wishing well. She's in the midst of serious redneck country now anyhow, just waiting for her to go over to the other side!

Chirre said...

The jewellery site looks FAB, Michelle! Great job!! :)


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