Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday in the Park with....

We drove up to see Ian for lunch on Sunday. It's no surprise to any of us left behind that Ian misses the dogs more than us. So the three of us humans, and two canines took a little road trip to see Ian.

Brian had found a nice little county park with trails, so after lunch we took the dogs for a walk.

Ian said his roommate was a bit messy. This is when I nearly fainted. He said he leaves food wrappers around and doesn't put stuff in the garbage. I think I did faint after that comment. I cannot tell you how many pop cans and Li'l Debbie wrappers I have picked up from my dear son.

Payback is sweet!

.......it's happening again. Collin went for a hair cut with Brian last week and asked to start growing it out.


Holly said...

Ya gotta love payback! Now you'll have something to use when he comes home for the holiday's and leaves his wrappers all over too!

What great parents you are taking the dogs for a visit. I remember my mom and dad doing the same thing with Elliot. Just watch out, by the time I was a junior I took off with Elliot for Purdue and he stayed with me the last two years there.


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