Monday, March 2, 2009

The dogs have their collars all is right with the world...

Okay, I'm anal about dog collars. It started with Lieber, she had to have a red one!

Even when she had bone cancer in her leg, and we brought a special harness collar so we could help her walk up and down stairs, we made sure it was red.

Montana our only boy, he of course was always blue. It went with his green eyes.

Okay, then puppies had to be pink!



When the puppy develops a personality then it's time to pick a grown up collar. Lego, was a bit feisty, a little wild... so when I saw the leopard collar it was all Lego! Look how well it went with her Minnie Mouse ears on Halloween.

Now, she's 7 and she went through two leopard collars. But then I couldn't find that leopard collar any more and hers was getting a bit... gross. But it wasn't as gross as the orange polka dot one we replaced it with. Ian said she looked fat in it! :-)

And then there was the rainbow phase. Lego is confident in her sexuality so that wasn't the issue, it was just too... you know, unicorn, rainbows, fairies... too cutsie. I'm not into cutsie.

Meanwhile... Lola was in her own collar Hell. Her pretty pink ribbon one, was not very good for playing with the dog next door, it would be in shreds by the end of playtime. So we tried the dreaded orange polka dot in a pinch, it nearly killed her.

While out shopping a few months ago at Sears of all places, we found a leopard collar! Lego was freed of her imposed Fairyland crapola collar, and Lego was back to her spotted leopard self.

We still hadn't found one for Lola yet, let's try Lavender. We did, and it didn't say "Lola"

Then today at Target (Target has the funnest/cheapest dog collars) there it was... a pink collar with a ribbon of pink and orange paisley print. It said "Lola" all over it, you know, the whole nice girl who likes to party but stays aways from the bad boys type of girl... dog.

She didn't exactly party after I put it on her, but it is so her!

And... just in case you are wondering... Lego's Aunt Maggie wears green!



thecamps said...

Funny, you must be reading my mind... when I read about all the jewelry I was wondering how you would tie it in with a doggie pic! I'm glad you made a whole new post with the puppies in their finery. And I really LOLed at Lego being confident in her sexuality, good to know you're bringing her up that way, ha ha!
MaryC in KY

Holly said...

Maybe you need to design a line of dog collars too, like dog jewelry then you'll always have the right one your looking for. Actually, I always still look for just the right collar and I don't even have a dog anymore, sometimes though I'll see one and it just says Elliot to me.


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