Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elton and Billy....

Okay you all know me, and you know I don't really "do" concerts. I'd rather listen to people on a nice clear CD. Boring I know, but that's me.

But, I've always regretted not seeing Elton John and Billy Joel in concert about ten years ago in South Bend. So I was determined to go this time when they started touring. So I joined Elton John's fan club so I could get good tickets, and the first date that popped up that was doable for us was March in Cincinnati.

That was two days ago. Last concert I was at was Billy Joels farewell concert about fifteen years ago. That's a guess I dont know how long ago it was.

The stage looked like this......

That's about the distance we were back, but up about ten rows on Billy Joels side.

Billy Joel's piano rotated when he alone, Elton's didnt. Billy Joel seemed more concerned about connecting with the fans, and he introduced members of his band, and talked a bit between songs. Elton didn't really say anything, just got up and bowed after every song.... a bit of a diva, but you knew that. Billy Joel was a lot more physical, Elton really looked subdued compared to Billy Joel.

Then they talked about their ages... Billy just turned sixty, and Elton will be sixty-two. Funny about concerts when you get older and depending on the band.

-We sat more than we stood.

-The only boobs you see shaking are usually on the middle aged men going up and down the stairs.

-I saw more beer guts on women than men.

-The woman next to me clutched her purse in her lap the whole time.

-The woman in front of me must of watched too much Seinfeld and thought Elaine was a good dancer.

-For some reason older woman think they look cool in a solid shiny silver top that makes them look like an anorexic baked potato, which dances like Elaine from Seinfeld by the way.

-Canes, have never been to a concert that I have seen so many canes! I take that back, when I went to Bobby Vinton with my mom.

-Older men go to the bathroom a LOT, get an aisle seat dude!

-At one time the video screen was tinted blue and Billy Joel now looks like Mr. Freeze

All that to say, it was a great concert! Billy and Elton play first together, rotating verses on each others songs. Then Elton solo, and then Billy solo, then they got back together again and they end with Piano Man. It was over three hours long.

Worth every penny!


Patricia said...

Bwahahaaa! Love your description.
I saw Elton in the 1980s in Paris, he didn't talk much back then either. *g*

Holly said...

Oh how awesome. What a wonderful concert that must have been. I'm jealous.

Glad you got to go and I love your description of the concert. Especially the Seinfeld reference. I can SO picture it now.

Aislinn said...

Hahahaha!! Oh geez, you sooooo crack me up. Loved your descriptions of the Elaine chick. Too funny! I'm glad the concert was a great experience for you, especially as I'm like you, I prefer cd's to live.


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