Friday, June 20, 2008

Damn M...

The bathroom is done...except for the "M".

The mirror I bought was silver with a glazing, but it looked gold next to the gold walls, so I made a bit more silver. Here's a close-up of the light fixture I got too on clearance marked down to 49.00 from 125.00, so both mirror and fixture came to 80 bucks.

The cabinet doors are on, and new hardware. Should of bought the hardware on Ebay, saw it at my favorite little knob store for half-price from what I got at Lowes.

That picture now has Ian and Lieber in a pool, instead of some married couple we don't know.

We added some decorative trim to the beadboard that even makes Scott's tissue look good, be sure to enlarge this one.

Today I spray painted and put silverleaf on a bunch of little frames and a mirror I bought. I filled the frames with pics of the boys when they were kids in the tub in sepia tones.

I have to do the damn "M" again. I don't know why but I've always wanted one of those big initials like Mary Tyler Moore, and the name fits too. :-) This is the "stunt M". I had bought scrapbook paper and did each slant a different paper, and then outlined it all...took me forever to get right. Then I went to put this new type of glaze stuff on it I bought, and it all rippled.....grrr! So ripped and sanded that all off, and went to work with the paper I had left in the scrapbook set, then went to spray some shallac on it. I sprayed adhesive on it instead, this is why I shouldn't get out of bed before 9 a.m. So I just tossed some little flowers on it, and ribbon on the sides and it will have to do till Hobby Lobby runs its scrapbooking kits half-price again, so I can rip it off and start all over again. I mess up too much to pay full price.:-)

And all done...

I prolly won't post now till we get the puppy which is Thursday. We can't wait! Lego needs the company, we didn't even realize till after Montana had passed that Lego had never ever been left alone she's either been with a person or Montana has always been with her. So she goes a bit nuts when we leave her alone for long periods...poor baby. The two Maggie's are still here till Sunday. We have deamed Li'l Maggie the Piggiest Eater, and big Maggie the Canine Speed Bump! They all get along, they are really really good dogs, but it's a nice reminder that three dogs are a lot of work, and I need that reminder sometimes.

Have a great weekend!


Donna said...

Looks fantastic! I just finished a re-do on my powder room, but I like yours better. LOL

Chirre said...

Oooh, looks great, M! :-)

Holly said...

Your projects always inspire me. Of course, I do nothing with this inspiration beyond sitting in the chair thinking about what I "could do", but still....

Can't wait to hear/see the new member of the family.


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