Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lego Boating and Lola...

We're home! We took a small vacation to Lake Barkley in Ketucky. Beautiful, beautiful lake, lovely area, but unfortunetly I booked a place online and the pictures of the accomadations were nicer than the real deal. Brian said it looked like the average log cabin...meaning lot's of bugs dead and alive!

We rented this cool pontoon boat with a slide, so it had two decks. Lego was also able to come on board, her first boat ride. She is sleeping in the picture, we went on a two mile hike that morning, and she was just wiped out.

There was a big state park in between Lake Barkley and Lake Kentucky, they had Buffallo park you could drive through. It was Africa hot and in the afternoon we didnt think we would see anything. They have 70 buffallo in the whole park, and as soon as we drove in we saw about 30 of them feeding right there.

There was a mix-up in our boat reservation, and so we ended up doing all the things we planned in one day, and we called the breeder and asked if we could pick up Lola a day early. I booked a hotel room in Louisville just in case they said "no". Thankfully they called the next morning and said we could pick her up that afternoon, I never saw four people pack up so much stuff so fast and get in the car.

Breeder was about an hour outside of Louisville. We drove up and the puppies were in a pen outside.

There were two female blacks and we got to pick which one we wanted, they looked exactly alike, so we picked the one with the biggest head. :-) She's home and resting...

...and get this,
we're filling out the AKC paperwork and it has the puppy's birthdate listed on it...
May 4th. It was the day Montana died. So we took it as a wonderful sign that it this puppy was meant to be with us!

Lego is steering clear of her for now, but she's coming around. Soon as she picks up a toy and sets it beside the new puppy all will be well.

And yes, she slept with us!


Chirre said...

Oooooooooh, she's just TOOOO darn cute!! You guys must be so happy to have her home!

And what a coincidence with her date of birth!

Give her a squeeze for me will ya!?

Glad you had the opportunity to have a small vacation... dead/live bugs and all! :)

Colleen LeHoser said...

Awwww - what a sweetie! lol - I was going to comment on the size of her heid, but you beat me to it! Congrats you all - enjoy puppy hell...yikes!


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