Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lola...la la la la looooooooola!

We have put a deposit on a puppy. A black female lab, who is named as of right now...Lola! Brian and I like the name, my two sons...don't. But they haven't thought of anything better so it's still Lola. Ian's "Peanut" didn't make the cut. :-)

Everyone is a bit surprised we didn't get a yellow, but the yellow hair is worse on my allergies and they shed more, so we wanted to try two blacks. Thought about a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog...

...but they have a life span of usually 8 years, and we just can't do that short of time and when it comes right down to it, we just love our labs.

Here's their 10 day old picture...

And here they are on the first adventure outside...

Unfortunately I don't know which one is ours...just one of those black ones. :-) We pick her up end of June.

Hope the dog days of summer are going well for you!


Side Note: The song Lola by the Kinks is here:

Most of you may not of realized that Lola was about a man who was dressed as a woman. I swear everyone thinks Lego is a boy, when she is a girl. It's just a black dog thing. :-)


Chirre said...

Okey, so now I won't be able to get that song outta me heid! ;-)

How cute they are! :) Love the name!

Colleen LeHoser said...

Beautiful Babies there Mski! LIke chirre - I've got a La-la-la-la-Lolah "earworm" going now! lololol Do you get to choose your black baby, or do you take the one they designate for ya?

M&M's Blog said...

No they pick one for you. They only had a black girl left when we called. I tell you, good labs are hard to find. Cheap, puppy mill labs are a all over, but I only buy from reputable breeders that breed for the love of the breed not to make money.

Marcie said...

Aaawwwwh, now I am getting puppy lust! *g* Oh that sweet puppy breath!
I love the name Lola too. Don't even know why, I just do.

Watching the vid, I couldn't help but look at the kids dancing in the background. The girls look just like girls today!

OMG, I am so old that I wore those clothes back them and they are in style again! *G*



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