Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's a Doula?

Do you know? I didn't have a clue, till a friend of mine asked me to make a website for her, she is starting a doula business. I didn't know what a doula was, not a clue.

Turns out a doula is someone who will begin a sourdough starter for you, make one batch of dough and then kneed the dough till its final rising stage and then bring it to your home to bake. Oh wait...that's a doughla!

A doula is basically someone to help your through your pregnancy and the birth of a baby. I thought it was someone that tried to talk you out of any drugs, but that's not the case they support you in whatever you choose. Me, I'll take the drugs...always!

My favorite website is always the one I just finished. Carla, the doula, found a cool celtic knot graphic on the net, so cool I wish I thought of it! :-) She contacted the artist and got permission to use it on her website.

And she found some scrap book paper she liked and I went from there. The most time consuming but what I enjoy doing the most is making the logo.

My first tries..

Then the keeper...

I experimented and made lots of knots and stuff...
I didn't use any of them.

then I gave a baby some beautiful green eyes,

and then lot's of little grapics to make it look at pretty.

Put it all together and you got a website.

Trinity Doula Care

All done!
(Well, almost all done, I have a few things left to do.)



Chirre said...

Heeeeeey, the website looks great, Michelle!

My best friend Kati has done doula work in her free time... she's otherwise a OR nurse!


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