Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I was rude to a wingnut today!

So we are watching two dogs this week. My neighbor's Brittney Spaniel named "Maggie" and my sisters black Labrador named "Maggie". I've come to the conclusion if there is a household with Irish blood in it, they name their dog...why yes..."Maggie!"

Day 1, is like.....Oooooooo my doggie friends are here, but there's a little stress from all the dogs.

Day 2, is like... we all like each other let's play.

Day 3, well the visiting dogs are very happy, because they have realized they get little new foods mixed in with their blah dog food, they get to go in and out through the doggie door whenever they want, and all is good. But the home dog is feeling like...I've shared my toys, my house, my master...when are you leaving?

Day 4, they all settle in.

So on this Day 3, Lego and I sneek out of the house for a little walk in the woods, for a little quality time. I'm sure you have those county parks, that are all wooded and have the dirt paths scattered throughout.

We get to the woods and for some reason Lego always takes a dump as soon as we get in there. She is such a good dog is practically doing her business right next to the doggie dump station. The dump station being where they have little plastic bags and a trash can for your dogs doo-doo, because God forbid you let your dogs go in the woods and you leave it there to naturally disintegrate instead of throwing it in a plastic bag to be thrown in a garbage dump.

Im picking it up, and a woman comes down the path with a stroller a toddler in it, and baby in a backpack on her back, and two dogs on flexi leashes. First of all, there's not a lot of places you can go with a stroller on a nature hike, one gravel path, about one block and that's it. If you have a dog you know that a flexi leash is a long retractable leash but mostly cord and if you have more than one dog you spend most of your time walking untangling the cords. And there was an umbrella in the mix somewhere, I don't remember if it's on her head, attached to the stroller or what? She looked like a "one man band" but instead of instruments it was babies and dogs.

So Im waiting there for her and her dogs to pass by, and the dogs are coming right at us and she says, "Would you mind if we all just got to know each other a bit?"

To which I said, "What the F#$& are you?", oh wait, that's what I thought! I said, "You know I'm standing here with a bag of dog poop in my hand, if you could move on that would be great."

I don't know if that was rude or not, but she's got two dogs coming to meet my one dog, the last thing I want to see is her fall with a baby on her back. She seemed a little offended that we didn't want to do the whole dog sniffing each others asses scene, but went on her merry way, albeit a bit slowly while telling her older child maybe some other day.

So Lego and I take our walk in the woods and on the way out, I see something standing a few feet from where Lego left her little gift to nature. It looked rust colored and huge, and too big to be a deer, we walk a bit further, it was a deer, two deer, a Momma and her baby feeding. No stroller, no baby riding on her back, no umbrella on her head...and no the momma deer didn't ask "if we could just get to know each other a bit?" either before they ran off.

(stunt deer)

I thought for sure the deer were going to run into the road and get hit and that was by punishment for being rude to the wingnut.

Thankfully no roadkill, we drove home and Maggie and Maggie were happy to see us!




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