Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lego, Lola and Cheryl???

Everyone keeps asking me how they are getting along. Lego is coming along, they actually played together last night in the yard. Lego growls when she plays, and it confuses the puppy. It's a different growl of course than her "Get your tiny black face away from me" growl, but a growl none the less. Lego really wants to play, Lola really wants to play, but they just can't figure it out quite yet.

I have a picture of Lego playing with Montana when she was 12 weeks, so it s/b happening soon.

It's been a full week, and I need sleep! She does great at night, but it's those early mornings that are killing me.

Here's Lola yesterday...

See her little white hairs on her chin and chest, I don't think they will stay but they are very cute while they are here.

So I get a call from Gretchen last night and she says some guy has uploaded some photos to the Class of '72 site...and there's Gail and Cheryl in there. I will just share one of Cheryls since I'm not sure if Gail hurts people! Although Gail is looking pretty hot in her pics!

Cheryl, did you borrow that jacket from Georgia or Renee? :-)

This guy was also on there, not sure who he is, but he looks like if you dated him his hands would be all over you! You wanna wrestle baby?

Okay back to puppy wrangling!

M be honest right now not much to wrangle, she is sleeping under my desk with her little puppy head on my feet.



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