Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We have contact!

I thought it would take three days before Lego really accepted the puppy and would lay by it, I was off a bit, it took about three weeks! Today they bonded over tearing apart a stuffed hedgehog. Why they like taking all the stuffing out is beyond me.

This picture also gives you an idea what my floors look like, theres toys, milk cartons, water bottles...everywhere! Sort of like at Disney World, the park is planned with a garbage can every few yards so there is always one near so you dont throw trash on the ground. It's like that with toys so there's always something to chew on instead of chewing on my furniture.

I have been cleaning for about a week and half, vacuuming twice or three times a day, steaming carpets and furniture...the van. We took Lola to the vet for her puppy shots, and the vet said she had fleas. We think Lego got them at the cabin in Kentucky, and gave them to the puppy. Not real bad. So two flea baths, and a monthly flea treatment...they are gone.

Last Sunday I steamed all the carpets,furniture, the bed, toys, the wood floors....washed everything...just to make sure they dont come back.

This little Lola has me up at 5:30 with the birds.....and Brian! :-) It's wearing me out, I feel like a new mom, but she is worth every minute. They are just so cute when they are this little and it doesn't last long, I just have to get as much puppy breath as I can!

Have a good Wednesday!


Chirre said...

I'm glad to hear Lego is coming around! :-)
Poor babies got flees! *itchscratch*

I've never had a puppy myself, but I believe you when you say it's like being a new mom, getting up at 5.30 in the morning! Sheeesh!
She's SO cute, though!

M&M's Blog said...

It's prolly the only thing I would get up at 5:30 for! :-)

Holly said...

She's so precious. Love the puppy days. Our kitty gets up at 5:15 like clockwork each morning to EAT! Gotta love letting animals rule your sleep/wake schedule! LOVE the stuffing! So many memories of my Elliot with all that stuffing spread all over.

Jo said...

You should move to Utah, we don't have fleas here!


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