Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just catching up.....

Lola is getting bigger and more loved every day. Her and Lego are playing lots better!

Do me a favor, if you have one, hug your spouse today! One good friend of mine, Marcie from my reading group, her dh has been in the hospital over three weeks due to complications from kidney stones. He has just been moved into a regular room and finally showing improvement. Marcie put together my sister Renee's love quilt when she was going through her cancer treatment.

Another reading group friend Melva lost her husband to cancer this weekend...just too sad. Just breaks your heart. So if you can work a little "help Melva's heart heal" prayer into yours it would be great.

People can say what they want about meeting people from the internet, but I have to say I have never met a more caring group of people than I have online.

Stay healthy!



Marcie said...

Awwh hon, thanks for mentioning us. Mike is slowly getting better and knowing you and all the Lally-gang were pulling for us helped so much.

I come here whenever I get a chance just to see Lola pictures. *g* That pup is too cute for words!

Huggles and a muwaah!


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