Monday, July 28, 2008

Barry '08

On the 24th of July Ian celebrated his 19th birthday. He wanted breaded pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes for dinner. Everyone always whats to know what the birthday person had for dinner! :-) His gift was...we paid for half of this loft contraption for his dorm that raises the beds up in the air so they get more space below. So instead of a very very small dorm, it's just very small now.

Later that night Barry came with the kids for the weekend. On Friday morning everyone minus Collin and me (we don't do rides so we puppy wrangled) went to King's Island in Cinncinn. They left at 9 and came back around midnight all pink from the sun.

Barry bought one of the pictures they snap when you are on the ride. I forgot which roller coaster it was on.

Left to right: Barry, Cassie and Doug. They are actually upside down, so Im guessing those smiles are frowns then? :-)

On Saturday, all headed out to see The Batman. Later that afternoon Brian and Barry went golfing. While they were gone, I did a bit of head swapping. Cassie and I, since we are brats, hid the new improved picture all around the house and in Barry's stuff, so he would find them through the night and day.

Left to right: Barry screaming like a girl, Barry screaming like a girl, Barry screaming like a girl.

Since the picture made us laugh everytime we looked at it, and made people happy, we felt it needed to be everywhere! I wonder if he found the one inside his gas tank cap yet? :-)

And if this reminds you of Shauna '88, she is safe and sound here!

Lola update! She was 12 weeks on Sunday, potty trained, going through the doggie door, her and Lego play and sleep all day and are buds. Here's the vicious puppies going at it, they do this around six times a day. Who would think biting each other could be so much fun?

Lego has basically taken over training, its the nice thing about having two dogs, they entertain each other and there's no "Puppy Hell". Here Miss Lola is on Friday when her Uncle Barry was screaming like a girl. I talk big for someone that her last roller coaster ride was that Mad Mouse at Playland around 1970! :-)

This week, Collin registers for high school, he starts Aug. 11. Ian leaves the following week, I'm thinking we need to take a pool on how many weeks he goes before he does laundry!

That's all she wrote...



Marcie said...

Hahahaaha, I was going to just write, looks like they are having fun. But then I thought I better say, looks like the people AND the fur babies are having fun. *g*

Love your blog!

SharonM said...

I have been having a great time reading your posts about puppies and kids. And just had to tell you how much I laughed when you mentioned Ian's graduation and birthday and Collin starting high school.

My son Ian graduated high school this year as well and just turned 18 on the 5th of July. And my other son Colin will be starting high school next week. Go figure!!

Looking forward to more!


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