Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under Where?

I was out shopping last night and my phone rings, which is sort of a rarity with me, seeing that either I can never hear it, or I forget it at home.

It's Brian. He says, "Lola has graduated from socks, she's got a pair of your underwear."

I said, " Where did she get those?" I bundled up laundry that day so I know there wasn't any on the floor at least. "Did you get them?"

Brian says, "No, she's outside in the backyard with them."

"You got to be kidding me, go get 'em!" I paused. "Is there a soccer game in the field, are there any neighbors out? Just go get 'em!"

Well, I was hoping if Lola was gallivanting around the yard with a pair of my panties they were at least a pretty pair with lace or something, thank God I don't own any thongs!

But no, just a CLEAN pair of plain cotton hipsters, not white, but almost as boring.... off white! Did I mention they were CLEAN!

(CLEAN objects in picture are most likely larger than they appear)

Puppies.......gotta love them!


BetsyG said...

BAHHAAHA! If I wore that size Tara could carry them up and down the street!

Donna said...

LOL(a)! Looks like she starched 'em with her doggy drool.

Unknown said...

Snort...looks like Lola is asking Lego to help her cover up the crime.

Colleen said...

... well - those panties might cover ONE of my cheeks! lolol dogs - gotta love 'em! (don't ask me why the trash receptacles in my bathrooms have lids! *g*)

Chirre said...

ROTFL! That can only happen to you, M'ski! :))


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